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Every bottle of OBA makes a difference


Gender equality and female empowerment

Communities of women typically tend to the areas where baobab trees grow, meaning most of the harvesters we source from in Africa are women. In return for high-quality fruit pulp and labor, we’re able to offer a competitive living wage. This provides financial independence with proper access to education and healthcare for our employees and their families.


Local development and infrastructure

We partner with the most socially responsible and locally engaged organizations to foster baobab reforestation and finance basic infrastructure on the field. This helps to ensure better standards of living and working for the teams managing our crop supply as well as the protection of baobab forests.

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Environmental sustainability

At all of our harvesting sites, there is an oversupply of baobab fruits and therefore opportunity for export without hurting the local market. By giving economic value to crops that are not for trade, we help protect these legendary trees and encourage farmers to grow them.